Truck Rental Unlimited Mileage

Choosing to get a truck rental unlimited mileage is going to save you a lot of money if you are moving across country.  Truck rentals com in a variety of sizes from small, big enough for a one bedroom apartment, to very large, big enough to move an entire house.  Whatever you are moving, an unlimited mileage truck rental will give you the best value.

Various forms of truck rentals

Trucks can be rented in three various ways.  You can rent a truck with unlimited mileage.  A second method is to rent a truck with a pay by the mile policy.  The third method is to pay by the hour for your truck rental.

Truck Rental Unlimited Mileage

An unlimited mileage truck rental allows you to pay one price and drive the truck as much as you want.  The good thing about having unlimited miles is that it lets you go over you estimated miles without any extra fees being tacked on.  Let’s say you have calculated you move to be between 350 to 400 miles.  If you have gotten the numbers right and don’t deviate from the route, then you may be able to save by paying for the exact mileage.  But let’s say there is some construction on the highway you planned to take and you don’t find out about it until you are sitting in traffic and being detoured to an alternative route which will add 5o more miles to your route.  If you have an unlimited mileage truck rental, you will not have to worry about the extra miles.  If you are paying by the mile, you will probable have to fork out some extra money.

Truck Rental Pay by the Mile vs Unlimited Mileage

Contrast getting an truck rental with unlimited mileage with a pay by the hour contract.  When you pay by the mile, you have to calculate the distance you are moving and then pay for the exact miles you are going to drive.  If you go over your pre-purchased miles you will have an additional fee to pay when you return the truck rental.  Paying for too many miles, on the other hand, will cost you also.  If you calculated your drive would be 500 miles and then you only drive 400 miles, you will have paid for 100 extra miles.  The over payment under most pay by mile contracts is non-refundable.  With an unlimited mileage truck rental you would be safe.

Unlimited Mileage Truck Rental vs Pay by the Hour

Pay by the hour truck rental does not compare to an unlimited mileage truck rental when you are talking about moving across country.  Pay by the hour truck rentals are good for doing local moves or picking up something from a local store that you want to deliver yourself.  Pay by the hour rentals are better compared to pay by the mile truck rentals and both are well suited for short moves.

A truck rental unlimited mileage is best for a move across country.  It gives you the liberty to adjust your route, whether you are detoured because of construction or you want to make a stop at a theme park.