Refrigerated Truck Rental

If you are moving something that needs to be refrigerated and you are only moving it once, or if you are getting into a business that will only need to use a refrigerated truck every so often, then you should get a refrigerated truck rental.  A refrigerated truck rental will be better for you because they are expensive to buy, they must be maintained, and you must run them often of you could risk the refrigeration motor seizing.

Buying a refrigerated truck will cost you a significant amount of money.  Trucks are expensive as it is, but when you add an insulated box and a refrigeration unit to it, it is going to be very expensive.  Also, you will not want to use the truck for none refrigerated stuff because you risk damaging the truck with something that it was not intended to carry and it is going to burn more gas than a truck its size that doesn’t have a refrigerated box on it.

Refrigerated trucks require additional maintenance.  The inside of the refrigerated box must be kept clean and dry.  Moisture and dirt could cause mold to grow which may cause a health hazard.  The refrigeration unit must also be maintained.  The unit should be serviced every year.  If a part breaks, like a fan motor, it could cost you a lot.  You must also maintain a clean filter or you will cause the unit to work harder than it should and eventually you will damage it.

Like any motor, you must keep it operational. This requires running it often to keep the parts inside the motor from locking up.  Basically, the parts become “frozen” together and cannot move when you try to start it.  If the parts are then force to move, they could break.  The best way to keep this from happening is to run the motor often.

If you are going to use a refrigerated truck regularly, you should invest in one.  But, if you only need to use one sometimes, it will be best if you get a refrigerated truck rental.  You will save on the cost of buying and maintaining it.