Moving Trucks Can Be Susceptible To Theft

You have to think about a lot of things when you are moving. One thing you do not want to over look is securing your belongs while you are traveling. You are carrying your most precious possessions with you. If you park your moving truck and leave it unattended, then all of your memories could be ripped from you in an moment.

Things to look out for

  • Park in a well lite area.  It is much easier for a thief to work in the dark than in the light.
  • Know your surroundings before you leave the vehicle.  Is the area you are stopped at prone to theft.  I personally know several people that were inside of stores, not 20 ft from their stuff, and had it stolen.
  • Use alarms systems to alert people around and scare the would be thief into hopefully leaving without any of your stuff.  Many moving trucks don’t come with alarms, but you can purchase small personal alarms that will let out a load noise if someone opens the door.
  • Put a tracking device on the vehicle.  I don’t know if the moving truck companies are using tracking devices on there vehicles to locate them if one is stolen, but they should.  You may be able to attach something to the vehicle while it is in you possession in case it does get taken.

Moving should be about picking up and planting yourself somewhere else.  But you always want to maintain the memories that you have build throughout your life.  Having someone take that all away is a tragedy.  Don’t let it happen to you.  Be safe and secure your belongings while you are moving.  Below are some videos about theft and securing your things during a move.

Truck can be opened and started with any key

The man in this video shows how a truck can be opened and started with a key that doesn’t belong to the truck.  This is very disturbing.  Make sure this isn’t possible with the truck you rent.