Moving To Florida

We’re moving to Florida.  That’s what we said the last time we visited Orlando.  We went in the Spring and the weather was so nice.  There was so much to do and see.  There are a lot of nice neighborhoods with some really nice houses.  We were beside ourselves.

Well, we didn’t make the move, but we did have a really good time.  We went to, of course, Disney World, Dave and Busters, shopping, and site seeing.  I would have to say the highlight of the trip was Disney and the home we rented.  We were able to go to the Disney parks for four days.  We rented a nice five bedroom home for only $600 for six days.  Most of the other houses this size were renting for well over $1000.

What we really liked about the Orlando area was how clean it was and how much there was to do there.  This may be because we are not from there and our perception was a little skewed, but it certainly seemed nice.  There seem to be a lot of people employed and not a lot of run down areas.  Now, we didn’t go through the whole city, so I can’t say that all of the city is that way.

I think the negatives of the Orlando, Florida area are the mosquitoes, hurricanes, and the hot weather.  Mosquitoes are not pleasant anywhere, but they are pretty bad in Florida because of all the swamps.  You can keep them away with mosquito spray or Skin So Soft from Avon (that’s a little known trick).  Hurricanes are never any fun, but at least you have more warning than if a tornado was coming.  Hot weather in Florida is like being in a sauna.  You feel like you can’t get it off of you.

Give the pros and cons, though, Florida seems like a nice place to move to.  Every place has its pluses and minuses.  I think that the pluses in Florida, specifically, out weigh the minuses.  If you are looking to move, check Florida out.  I think you will enjoy it.  Take yourself a trip down to Orlando.  If nothing else, you can at least see Mickey Mouse and enjoy a good time with your family.

As for us, we won’t be moving to Florida anytime soon, but will be thinking about it.  And maybe next time we are down there we will see you poking your head around the Orlando area.