Conversion Van Rental The Fun Way

Growing up we never had the luxury of riding in a conversion van.  We knew a few people that had them, but I had only seen the inside of one until I was 23 years old.  My first trip in a conversion van was awesome and when I was ready to rent a van to travel across country, the first thing I looked into was a conversion van rental.  Let me tell you why.

That first trip was a three hour trip to a camp ground.  I remember how impressed I was when I entered the van.  And I remember how comfortable the back seat felt as it seemed to mold around my back and legs.  It felt like I was sitting in a recliner in my living room.  The chairs swiveled, reclined, and had armrest.  The ceiling was high enough for us to stand up without hitting our heads.  Usually I get some amount of car sickness when I ride in any kind of vehicle, but in this conversion van I felt great.  I remember talking, laughing, eating, and just having loads of fun without any sickening feeling.  It was great.

Well, when I investigate getting a conversion van rental I was disappointed to find that the major rental companies don’t rent conversion vans.  This is because they are too expensive to buy and maintain.  That’s when I remembered another ride I took in a large comfortable vehicle.

This time we were heading to the State Penitentiary to minister to prisoners.  A good friend of mine had just assumed the note on a Ford Expedition.  Prior to this ride, I never been in any luxury SUV.  I had no idea how much space was in the inside of this thing.  The chairs and ride were just as comfortable as the conversion van.  The best thing was that rental companies do rent luxury SUVs out.  So, if you are looking for a conversion van rental and can’t find one, my advice would be to rent a luxury SUV.