Cheapest way to move across the country

Moving across country can be very expensive. Let us show you the cheapest way to move across the country.

  1. Get rid of everything and restart at your new location.   Classified sites like craigslist make it easy to sell your larger belongings for a decent price.  You can have a garage sale or if you have time list some of your things on ebay.
  2. Rent a truck and move everything yourself.  A large cost of using a moving company is the labor to move everything.  If you have to move large items like furniture and a refrigerator, you could enlisted a friend to help and pay their way back.  Or you could find someone local that you could pay for the day.  Either way should be much cheaper than paying a moving company.
  3. Use a container/storage service.  These services drop a container off at your home.  You pack it and they pick it up.  They can store it in a warehouse for a time if you need them to.  This gives you time to setup other things before you have to unpack your home in your new location.  For long moves they can haul them on a truck or put them on a train.
  4. Sell all of the large stuff.  Pack your car with a much as you can and ship the rest through a parcel service like UPS or FedEx.
  5. Ship all of your books, videos, and other media via the United States Postal Service media mail.
  6. Tune up your car or truck before the move.  Changing spark plugs, air filter, and other parts as needed can be a huge money saver during your move across country.  You also get the added benefit of saving during your driving after the move.  Now that’s cheap.
  7. Look for gas prices online for the best prices all along the route you will travel.  Gas stations in the same area can have vastly different prices.  And gas along interstates can be very high.  Going of the highway just a little can save you  a lot.

Employ as many money saving and time saving tips as you can find. This will ensure you will experience the cheapest way to move across the country.