Cargo Van Rental Unlimited Mileage

If you are going to rent a cargo van your best bet is to rent a cargo van with unlimited mileage. Cargo vans are good for moving small – medium rooms, small apartments, lots of boxes, and a whole array of nicknack stuff.

Different types of cargo van rentals

Cargo vans can be rented usually in three different ways. The first way is to rent it by the hour. The second way to pay by the mile. The third way is to rent a cargo van with unlimited mileage.

Rent by the hour

You will find that there are some companies that will rent by the hour and others that won’t. You will have to call around and see who offers this rental option if you are considering it. Renting a cargo van by the hour is convenient if you are only moving a few small loads between locations that are nearby.

Pay by the mile

With pay by the mile plans, you can have a straight x-amount of dollars per mile contract or buy the initial miles in a bulk lot and pay if you go over the limit. It is kind of like a cell phone contract. For example, you get 400 miles for $500 dollars, then each mile after that is priced per mile or sold in separate blocks. This method of renting a cargo van can be good if you know close to the exact amount of miles you will need to travel. The thing you have to be careful with is that you can over or under estimate. If you overestimate the miles then you will have wasted miles and money. The same is true if you underestimate, but many time the premium on the miles over is far greater than the price per mile in the initial block of miles purchased. This is purposely done so that you will buy more miles than need so that you don’t accidently go over. If you can find a contract that lets you roll into the next block of miles just by the occurence of the miles going over without incurring any penalty fees than this will provide you the most value. Also keep in mind that renting a cargo van by the mile works best if you are going to return the cargo van to the location you rented it from. If you are making a one way cargo van rental, then you will have to pay a premium for not returning the cargo van to its original location.